Test for Web programming internship

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Before we start...

This test is intentionally written in English, as good understanding of this language is a requirement for the internship.

The test comprises 10 questions on subjects more or less related to the internship themes.

There is no time limit, but the time you take will be recorded, so the faster, the better.

You can research whatever you want to ansewer the questions. This includes books, the web, friends, etc.

About algorithms

An algorithm to extract certain information from an image takes a time roughly proportional to N*log2(N), where N is the image size. If an application implementing such algorithm in a single thread takes 20 seconds to reduce a 1Mpixel image, how long will it take to reduce 1000 images of 10Mpixel each? To make things easy, assume log2(1000)=10 and log2(10)=3.322 as good approximations.

About system management

The system manager needs a list of all users with uid greater than or equal 500. the list must show username and full name and be sorted by username. Which among these Bourne shell statements does the job:

About algorithms

A classic problem used to teach recursive algorithms is the "Towers of Hanoi" (See the Wikipedia article en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Towers_of_Hanoi for details. If a robot takes 1 second to solve the trivial case of a single disk, how long will it take to solve a 10 disk puzzle?

About C programming

Which of the C snippets bellow is NOT a legal C construct?

About C programming

Which among the C fragments below surely results in an endless loop?

About C programming

Consider the following C code:

	int dx(int n) { return n-1; }
	inf fx(int n) { if (n<2) return 1; else return n*fx(dx(n)); }
What does the function fx do?

About physics and logic

A recurrent theme is sci-fi stories is the invisible man. We can't see him, but can the invisible man see at all?

Internet History

The first network whose evolution would eventually lead to what we call The Internet today started operating in the year:

Internet History

When, where, and by whom the World-Wide Web was introduced?

Internet Technology

What does RFC mean and why are the RFCs important to the Internet?

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